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Hard disks rely on encodings on the magnetic platters called Servos. At the factory these encodings are placed at the beginning of each sector or group of sectors throughout the entire disk surface. The drive relies on these “markers” to determine the position (track) of the heads. When a disk cannot read its position, it travels to the limit of its range and encounters a limit stop. This abrupt stop causes a click. Typical causes of clicking are media damage or a failed read/write head. Continual use of a disk that is clicking will inevitably cause excessive media damage from the heads scraping on the platter surface or from the head “slaps” from the limit stop jarring. If you want to recover your data, don’t continue to use your disk. Since this is a purely mechanical problem, don’t look for the quick-fix software solution, but instead contact a certified data recovery professional with the skills to remedy the problem. Call us at 800-886-2231.