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Data Mechanix is a data recovery leader with 28 years experience!

This experience allows us to recover data that others cannot. Since every data loss is unique, it is virtually impossible to know the exact cost of any recovery without performing an evaluation. Once a no-cost evaluation is performed, our trained engineers and expert customer service personnel will give a full assessment of your unique situation. Typically a list of files able to be recovered is provided at that time. Our evaluation will yield the nature of the recovery needed and a cause for the failure. Typically a full evaluation is completed within 24 hours of receipt of your media. A typical recovery takes approximately 1 to 5 days. If you require a more rapid response please click here. As you may expect, no two scenarios are identical in all respects. Therefore, this uniqueness makes it impossible to give a realistic indication of pricing without knowing all the facts for a particular case.

During a consultation with one of our highly trained customer support engineers, you will be given a defined range of what pricing you would experience given your particular configuration and set of circumstances. Sending in your case for a no obligation evaluation will give us all of the information required to give you a firm quotation for your media restore requirements.

To receive a price quote, use the “Online Quote Request” link below or call 800.886.2231.

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