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Data Mechanix offers a full range of data recovery services!

Data Mechanix is the premier data recovery service. Our engineers have state of the art technology designed specifically for use at our facilities. Our technology allows us access to data that would otherwise be unrecoverable. If you have media with physical damage, our engineers have a class 100 clean room and specialized hardware to access damaged or inaccessible sectors. A team of software engineers have developed and patented software utilities far beyond the capabilities of other data recovery companies. To determine if we can recover your particular storage device please see our storage list.

Service Options:

Standard Service: Standard Service is available during normal business hours. Once we receive your media, within 24 hours, our engineers will evaluate it. Since no two failures are exactly identical, our skilled engineers will test and verify every component to identify the failure and determine a course of action necessary to recover the data. Within this time period you will be contacted with our results, and a list of files to be recovered. Also, since every case is unique, we will supply you with an exact price to recover the data. Included in our quote is complimentary transfer of your data to any mass storage medium.

Expedited Service: Expedited service is available for customers with time sensitive data. An engineer will begin an assessment of your particular media and have the evaluation results within 4 hours. If approved, our engineer/engineers will work on your media continuously around the clock until your data is recovered. Our goal is to have the data recovered within 24 hours of its arrival. Some jobs are more complex and may take more time. To date, 97% of all expedite jobs are completed within this 24 hour period.

Emergency Service: Emergency service is available for customers with mission critical data. An on call engineer is available 24/7/365. With Emergency service our dedicated engineer/engineers with work on your media around the clock after normal business hours, weekends and holidays. Our mission is to get you back in business as quick efficient and as cost effective as possible.

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