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Hurricane Harvey Victims

If You Have a Flooded Disk Drives Time is of the Essence!

Flood waters can and do cause problems for disk drives.

Water often penetrates the “sealed” cavity and begins the oxidation (rust) process. Getting your disk to a qualified professional promptly can make the difference between success and failure.

At DataMechanix, every drive will be opened and all moisture will be removed at no cost, as part of our evaluation process.

Do not open your disk and attempt to dry the disks. Drying the disk will only allow the dissolved minerals to deposit on the disk surface, making the recovery more difficult and costly.

At DataMechanix we have over 28 years’ experience dealing with all types of disasters.

Most Insurance claims will cover lost data. Our staff can assist with the insurance claim process. Don’t wait for insurance approval, let us first secure your disk from further damage.

Time is Important … Call Us Now 24 Hours a Day to
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Let us save your digital images and documents.

In the wake of the recent hurricane Harvey, DataMechanix is offering free evaluations for data recovery of hard drives damaged during the storm and subsequent flooding. Recovery of data from submerged hard drives is extremely difficult and often time sensitive. We urge you to send your hard drive to us immediately via overnight shipping service.

We are a leading data recovery facility located in the high-tech district of Irvine in Orange County, California. We have 28 years of experience recovering data from computer hard drives. Our proprietary software and state of the art technology is unsurpassed in the data recovery industry. We provided recovery for victims of hurricane Sandy as well as supporting the U.S. government in forensic data retrieval from submerged hard drives.

Your critical files can be recovered in most cases. You should only trust the best when recovering data from a damaged hard drive.

We wish all of the victims of hurricane Harvey the very best and we are happy to help however we can.

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